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(verb) To take what would normally be a simple and straightforward task or process and screw it up royally. To mess up an operation which seems like a sure thing. To choke.
The move to Intel chips could be a great thing for the company...provided Apple doesn't osbourne it.
by Mitch Kowalski June 07, 2005
Verb: To osbourne something is to brutally maul and/or decapitate something. Named after George Osbourne, Chancellor of the Exchequer from 2010, who made a lot of spending cuts.
Wow, that wolverine osbourned that tramp!
by SpeedFreak01 January 15, 2011
The guy who always fucks shit up...
1SGT: Dont be like Osbourne, Osbourne would fuck that shit all up.
by 1SGT February 07, 2005

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