A southern hispanic gang origanlly from Orange Co. Westminster, California. O.P.H.S is short version of this gangs name. Spanish name; Huerfanos. Orphans13, OX3,
This gang is known to be in AZ, NM, Tijuana, and NC.
Extremly dangerous, enemies to Northern Hispanics, VDM's
(in NC) and any other gang that threathens to invade their turf.
He is a member of Orphans13. Their was a drive-by shooting by an Orphan yesterday.
by Pancho Pena October 22, 2007
A slang term for dxm or dextromethorphan (in cough syrup).
Used as a noun.
"Hey dude, you got the orphans?"
"Are you an orphan right now?"
"Been to the orphanage lately?"
by Mamabelles April 04, 2011
having a beer or drink out too long and leaving it there
John - looks like everyone left the party

Tim- someone left an orphan behind.
by Mo_Beetch September 07, 2010
One who is naked and follows a scarf for warmth.
Harry and Mike are orphans because LT is a warm scarf
by RJ Kenny October 21, 2007
A child that has no parents(lulz), and no one loves them. They usually live in an orphanage or under bridges.
Boy: HAHA, look at that orphan!
Girl: Awwww, let's feed him.
Boy: Hell no, lets spit on him.
by hwa711 June 09, 2011
1) An acronymn referring to those people who sit at highway off ramps and ask for spare change, but won't really work for food. It stands for -
Off Ramp Pan Handling's A Nuisance
Watch me make that ORPHAN jump.
by jrh5356 April 23, 2005
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