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A real patriot, and a person who is kind but has a terrible work ethic, often runs around shouting utter nonsense. His laugh is very VERY obnoxious. Likes to bug people about how great he is, especially if their names are Arthur. An Alfred tends to wear glasses and has blonde hair. Alfreds also are afraid of ghosts even though they claim they do not exist, but they easily believe in aliens.

Alfred: But dude, I gotta be loud so that people can know where I am if they need me. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! BECAUSE I'M THE HERO!

Arthur: ...Git...
by theoneandonlycaptain October 16, 2011
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A man who has old world charm but it cute as a button. Trustworthy, selfless and sweet.
I had a bad day...i think i will call Alfred and then I will feel better!
by a reallllly smart lady May 14, 2011
Someone whose mind is rivaled by none. Able to solve any problem without much effort. The classic mastermind or brains of any operation. The guy you can rely on to get out of any sticky situation.
Tony, who is the Alfred of your group?

Hey Franky, how did your boy pull an Alfred with the cops?
by ZeroT May 18, 2011
Someone who is a compulsive liar and will not stop with a lie until you actually start to believe them. Also when an "Alfred" gets desperate, they will use facial expressions and won't laugh when telling a lie.
Stop being an Alfred man, I'll never believe that you're dating Allie Dimeco.
by Dustin Hu December 24, 2007
As in....Alfred Hitchcock, Hitchcock...Sh*tcock.
When a baby unfortunatley has worn a nappy for too long and
he has had a rather runny episode that has covered not only his bottom but also his willy.
by salims April 17, 2008
A person whom after a shit load of drinks will say that if your parentes ever die, he will adopt you. Even if you are older than him
Alfred: You know what?

Not Batman yet: no, what?

Alfred: I will friggin' adopt you if your parentes ever die
by Alfred_III_of_Birchnessfalls December 19, 2014
One, particulary old aged male often around age 47 who plays warcraft all day. And works part time cutting meat. Spends all his money on dank, Nicotine and clever hair cuts.
Wow we got our selfs a Master Alfred.

Alfred's new hair cut makes him look clever.

Alfred can't spell onion.
by Nelms May 01, 2008

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