1:(n.) one who sucks the ass
see assfucker

2:(n.) hairy manbeast

3:(n.) Biggest loser of Sow
I hear that trouble likes an ornery man.
by trouble! September 02, 2004
Top Definition
mean and ill-tempered, irascible
That dog has been ornery all day.
by Light Joker March 18, 2006
Harmlessly mischievous, Harmless teasing.
That red headed boy is an ornery sun of a buck!
by blabacado February 15, 2010
to always be in to trouble or up to something.
"My son was so ornery when he was little. He got into everything he was not supposed to."
by anm September 12, 2006
Stubborn, irritable, rough on the edges, a little mean, grumpy.

Adjective. The correct spelling is ornery, but many Americans say/spell as awnry.
"These ornery old guys at the job will never change"
by amrev360 May 07, 2009
Wanting to do something just to make someone else's day worse
Ornery: "I want to get hit by a car just to dent the damn thing*
by Urfreaky December 07, 2010
rude and crude person one that thinks highly of themself and no one else
(driving)did you see him cut me off that was hella ornery
by Maishon Thomas March 25, 2005
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