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1. the illiterate moron's way of spelling orgasm. For another fine example of illiteracy regarding sex, see masterbate.
John was a moron; thus, he wrote orgasim, not orgasm.
by Ryan February 04, 2004
273 209
The fucking idiot's alternative to 'orgasm,' which is a sexual climax.
I don't know how to spell orgasm, and that gives me an orgasim!
by Captain Fantastic February 15, 2003
575 319
the improper spelling of "orgasm"
"oh yay. i am smart. i can spell things wrong. whhheee. ORGASIM@!!!@$!%@^W"
by DanielleL January 29, 2004
94 91
What Bob and Betty Newbie's hijinks in the love bed ostensibly culminate in.
EA/Maxis, you tease you.
by Manon January 09, 2004
37 37
(spelt orgasm) sexual climax, to cum
I had an orgasm
by CSM August 19, 2003
27 29
a faked climax, a simulated orgasm
Fred's nut proved unbustable that night, so he decided an orgasim was the best way to conclude the night's lovemaking session
by Goo June 14, 2003
156 158
a good feeling u have that makes you want to start breathing harder and scream till you let it all out
i was having a great sensation last night when my boyfriend fingered me so hard and so fast and it felt all so good.
by Jessica August 13, 2003
29 32