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Self explanitory, Black on the outside, white on the inside. A black guy that acts white.
"Wow, my cousin and my siters ex-boyfriend were Oreo Cookies"
by Dubbs Weisshaar October 17, 2005
Someone black/white who's not sure of their identity; stuck between two worlds
Dan Adams is black when he wants to be black, but is a registered Republican...he's an Oreo Cookie
by Buff Man October 22, 2004
When you pound a girl in the ass after she had stashed cocaine in her ass.
I totally gave that girl an Oreo cookie.
by Nitetimeninja May 23, 2015
A threesome in which a white woman is getting simultaneously screwed in her pussy and indabutt by two black men.

See also oreo'd.
After helping their university win the basketball game, Terrell and Jaquan made off with a very hot white blonde cheerleader bitch from the losing university's team, took her into the men's locker room, and made an oreo cookie out of her.

Mark H. UrbanDictionary contributer since February 2004.
by Mark H April 30, 2005
when two homosexual african americans are having it up the rectum, the one on top ejaculates causing a creamy middle of the two african men.
Latrel and Tajon made a yummy batch of oreo cookies last night!
by Double Stuffed Oreo August 15, 2011
A white female who likes to get fucked in the ass and pussy by two black males at the same time.
I hear da bitch is an oreo cookie. She done got two dudes living with her now.
by Cornholio November 23, 2004
When, during sexual intercourse, the man shits into his hands and divides his shit into two seperate patties. Then, after pulling out of the woman's vagina, he will cum, and catch it between the two clumps of shit. Then, the man will proceed to feed this newly made "sandwich" to his female partner.
"Oh man, I fed Jess an oreo cookie last night and she gobbled that shit up like it was thanksgiving turkey!"
by pwn king September 24, 2008
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