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A game like rock-paper-scissors, except if you lose, the winner tells you to ask someone out (pretend or real, your choice), hug them, or kiss them. And instead of saying "rock-paper-scissors shoot!" you say "or-e-o!".
I was on a long field trip once, and on the way back, everyone was playing Oreo. My crush was sitting in the back, and my friend next to me asked to play. I lost, and she made me ask him out. I refused, and will never play it again if my crush is anywhere near me.
by BAZINGA! May 23, 2012
*Black Person* *White Person* *Black Person*
"Ha Ha Ha! Look at that line. Their is an oreo."
by Marym123456 December 28, 2011
Milk's favorite cookie.
oreo cookie
by katie skeezeck April 09, 2009
A deragotry term for an African-American who is presumed to have rejected the values and traditions of their race and ethnicity, and instead has adopted the norms of dominant European-American culture. The characteristics of one defined as "oreo" are nebulous in that many can be attributed to existing African-American culture, or the culture of recent African immigrants. Some cite higher education status, middle-class and upper-class income, and conservative dress as means of identifying "an oreo." The main assumption is that this person has rejected African-American racial identity. The irony is that African-American rights activists, clergy, academic researchers on racial identity, and teachers could fit the "oreo" sterotype, if one is to base this term on higher socioeconomic class and all that comes with it. Few would argue that African-Americans in the aforementioned fields are "oreos."
"I guess I better let the NAACP know that one of their Black lawyers is an oreo because I wear tailored suits to court and have the writing skills to be published in The Harvard Journal on Racial and Ethnic Justice. Or we could just spend less time insulting people and focus more on social justice. Just a thought."
by MadelineK September 12, 2013
A game played by many middle school or some elementary school boys. Two kids will play rock paper scissors shoot and the winner will choose a girl (usually an ugly or weird loner) that the looser has to ask out. They go out with the girl for a day or two making her think he likes her then breaking up with her. It is an immature game that is heartless and cruel.
guy: Hey will you go out with me?

girl 1: No.

*guy walks away*

girl 2: Why did you say no? I thought you liked him.

girl 1: I do, but they were just playing oreo.
by wally the fucking walrus again February 09, 2013
A woman, performing oral on one Black man and being vaginally/anally penetrated by another, and so forth.
Man 1: "Hey man, I totally oreo'd a girl last night!"

Man 2: "I know! I was there!"
by SparkyandAxel May 02, 2012
The term used to identify a sexual interaction between two black people and one white.
Let's make an oreo! ;)
by legowarrior November 12, 2011
A sexual position involving two black females and one white male in the middle.
Last night me and these two hot black chicks had an oreo(;
by hayycutayy(: April 05, 2010