A game like rock-paper-scissors, except if you lose, the winner tells you to ask someone out (pretend or real, your choice), hug them, or kiss them. And instead of saying "rock-paper-scissors shoot!" you say "or-e-o!".
I was on a long field trip once, and on the way back, everyone was playing Oreo. My crush was sitting in the back, and my friend next to me asked to play. I lost, and she made me ask him out. I refused, and will never play it again if my crush is anywhere near me.
by BAZINGA! May 23, 2012
When a black girl gets titty fucked by a white guy. He then ejaculates between her breasts, where either the male or female may proceed to lick off like an Oreo.
Wenei: DAMN, Sam made me a mean ass Oreo last night.
by Tameless Nuts March 29, 2010
What happens when you're on the toilet and you take a huge crap. You then wipe your butt only to have another crap come out on top of the toilet paper in the toilet.
I just Oreo'd my toilet! Dang it!
by darknessXshadows January 22, 2010
the buiscuit oreo is black on the outside and white on the inside. this describes a black person acting white.
sarah: hey look at natalie.
kim: she is such an oreo.
by cDOTn_x July 25, 2009
When two black dudes have sex with a white girl at the same time; one dick in her pussy, and one in her ass.
Hey, did you hear about Mary? She got completely oreo'd last night!
by iusdvv986sbtdgfhwe8 9 March 20, 2009
When a white person is in the middle of a bunch of black people.
"It was black biker week and I was in the middle of it...I felt like such an Oreo."
by Rackal July 19, 2008
this evolves 3 people 2 black people on the out side 1 white guy in the middle, the guy on the bottom is 69ing the white guy while the black guy on top is railing the white guy in the ass
i caught tyron jamil, and troy oreoing in the locker room.
by KERMIT xxx1 May 23, 2009
When a white person walks in between two black people therefor resembaling an oreo cookie.
Shoot did you see that oreo walking down the hallway!
by Mr. Mysterio man October 15, 2008
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