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(sigh)... an orchata is actually a drink you can get at most mexican restaurants. Very sweet and somewhat milky. Any of you who haven't tried it should. Orchata is very awesome. Makes you very energetic.
Meanwhile, at a Mexican restaurant down town...

Waitress: May I take your drink orders?
Dude:Yes, I would like a coke.
Guy: No, Dude, try the ORCHATA. It's awesome.
Dude: Sure, I guess. (to waitress) scratch that. Orchata please.
Guy: Same here.
Waitress: ok, thank you.

Two minutes later...
waitress returns...

Waitress: Here are your ORCHATAS (hands them the drinks and straws). Enjoy.
Dude: This better be good, Guy, or your payin my drink...
Guy: it will be. trust me.

Dude takes sip...

Dude:Nice! (downs the rest of it.)
Guy: Told ya. Let's play some dodgeball after this.
Dude: Fuck Yeah!
by pseudonym_here June 11, 2004
a persons ass
that guys got a nice orchata
by lenard June 06, 2003
a fine behind that makes you want to say Orchata! or avery disgusting behind that makes you want to say Orchata!
thats a nice orchata!
by hotdog June 05, 2003
a drink that can kill you, made from a girl,made with water,cat piss,herbs,and williams secret recipe,stinky dog breathe
i drank orchata at williams,it tasted like cat piss
by ernie August 21, 2004
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