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noun 1. rhythm 2. any musical aspect or quality indicative of a genre 3. mood or atmosphere; feeling; aura 4. (plural) signals or messages sent out to someone
1. Jamaican vibes.
2. It has a commercial vibe.
3. The place had a nice vibe to it. It gave me a nostalgic vibe.
4. A stranger who gave off bad vibes. He just doesn't know how to pick up vibes.
by hotdog January 02, 2005
that act of a drunk guy having intercourse with a female counterpart and just before he ejaculates, he screams "Psyche!" and proceeds to vomit all over her vagina from being too intoxicated.
"Oh Yeah baby!! Uh Huh, right there, right there... OoooohhhHhhh!! Here I cum.!...."



=)~ {()}
by hotdog December 04, 2004
a rather small human being with a uncomfortable personality, not ctually a penis, may look like one
annie r.
by hotdog June 05, 2003
im doin my homewrokizzle
by hotdog June 05, 2003
a fine behind that makes you want to say Orchata! or avery disgusting behind that makes you want to say Orchata!
thats a nice orchata!
by hotdog June 05, 2003
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