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When four or more people engage in the enjoyment of eating an orange
Dude did you hear about the orangy thats gonna go down next Friday!
by pseudonymNA February 24, 2009
Orgy between people of the ginger haired discent.
"Hey man, wanna come over and watch the game tonight?"
"Nah man, I've got this orangy I said I'd go to with my neighbour."
"No, Chucky."
by Snagerus June 10, 2013
an orgy involving one or more extremely ginger kids
that girl told me she just finished having an orangy with the kids from that really ginger band!
by Albrina Mogold May 03, 2008
a group of people tanning nude
We had an orangy by the pool last weekend
by travis_b89 August 01, 2011
an orgy in which 1 or more EXTREMELY ginger kids are involved.
ahhmahgaad, that girl down the street just told me about her orangy last weekend with that really ginger kid in that band.
by sabrinafuckingmolina May 02, 2008

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