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Someone who uses way too much natural glow lotion to get tan but they think that they are naturally tan, from the lotion, and that they look good.
Boy: Have you talked to orangie lately?
Girl: No I haven't, have you?
by jlwf September 22, 2010
referring to the ADD/ADHD drug Adderall because of it's primarily orange colored tablet and capsule. Also referred to as addy.
I just took an orangie an hour ago so I should be firing on all piston's any minute now. Any chance you could find me an orangie before school is out today?
by GlennK December 20, 2009
a combination of the words orange and orgie referring to when two or more tokin' gingers are in the same territory
Last night, Leath and Iddings got together for a skate date causing a massive, firey explosion of an orangie to go down.
by takeinitiative March 24, 2010
warm cuddling sessions with multiple close friends, sometimes to the point of slight sexual or emotional arousal, but never to the point of prolonged discomfort or suggestive behavior; cuddlefests
Yeah, seriously, calm down. What's a little orangie between friends?
by Singingninja007 June 12, 2011
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