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Someone who uses way too much natural glow lotion to get tan but they think that they are naturally tan, from the lotion, and that they look good.
Boy: Have you talked to orangie lately?
Girl: No I haven't, have you?
by jlwf September 22, 2010
4 1
referring to the ADD/ADHD drug Adderall because of it's primarily orange colored tablet and capsule. Also referred to as addy.
I just took an orangie an hour ago so I should be firing on all piston's any minute now. Any chance you could find me an orangie before school is out today?
by GlennK December 20, 2009
3 1
a combination of the words orange and orgie referring to when two or more tokin' gingers are in the same territory
Last night, Leath and Iddings got together for a skate date causing a massive, firey explosion of an orangie to go down.
by takeinitiative March 24, 2010
0 1
warm cuddling sessions with multiple close friends, sometimes to the point of slight sexual or emotional arousal, but never to the point of prolonged discomfort or suggestive behavior; cuddlefests
Yeah, seriously, calm down. What's a little orangie between friends?
by Singingninja007 June 12, 2011
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