Slang term for female breast
"Now you ... you can start gobbling my ookies"
by the_definer_me August 30, 2008
Top Definition
A name people used to call Michael Vick for dog fighting. Like Ron Mexico for herpes, Vick used Ookie for dog fighting.
Ookie is the top dog when it comes to dog fighting.
by Shenard August 04, 2007
Ron Mexico's nickname.
Ookie drowned his dog after it lost the dogfight.
by Jammin' Jay Marshall July 29, 2007
Ookie: Common go to word for Heroin or "Hare-on" as some might argue... However the nickname "Ookie" is mostly used in the pacific northwest region. More potently used and said by heroin addicts living in western Washington. Albeit the word grows more popular and regularly said on the eastside of the puget sound(which is in western Washington) Cities like Issaquah, Redmond, Kirkland, Bellevue and Woodenville are easily the highest demographics of this word's usage.
i.e "What's up JJ bro, do you have a half g of ookie I could swoop?"
i.e2 "Jimmy and Andy have been smokin and doin slammies of da dank dank ookie all damn day! They probably got it from that fat fuck JJ"
by APHolla January 06, 2014
Another word for disgusting
Ookie that green bogey is ookie
by craig March 15, 2005
Derived from the word spooky: meaning strange and unusual.
That ghastly cocktail made my stomach all ookie, it must have been second rate vodka.
by Avery Louis September 22, 2006
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