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description or nickname of a VERY VERY ugly person

Comes from 80s cartoon Thundarr The Barberian - His sidekick's name was Oogla the Mok
That guy is beyond fugly, he is OOGLA!

Man - that kid is so ugly they should have named her Oogla.
by karnakdave January 31, 2005
1: A term to describe a situation as being embarassing or out of place

2: A way to describe a person's style or manerisms as being socialy innacceptable
Guy 1: Holy shit that dude was so oogla
Guy 2: Ya almost as oogla as Cam's dance the other day
by metalhead121 May 13, 2007
A derogatory term for an African-American, similar to coon or jigaboo
Leroy took exception to being called an oogla.
by markiel January 18, 2003
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