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the combination of an

Upper Decker (Pooping in the tank)
Dutch Oven (Farting - then pulling the covers over your partner's head)
and a Blumkin (Getting a blowjob while taking a dump)

In other words - Pooping in the tank while getting a blowjob with a towel over the blowjob giver's head

this is a class move - only performed at major burns (like Burning Man) or in Northern Virginia to settle a blood feud
I thought it was just an upper decker - but the fucker left a picture of my Mom giving him an upper dutch blumkin
by karnakdave July 28, 2011
a man that hits on every girl that he sees - figuring that eventually he will get lucky

like spraying a machine gun on full auto - eventually - you hit something

also referred to as Spray and Pray
Look at Mr Spray and Pray over there - that M60 man over there just got shot down and is moving on already
by karnakdave January 31, 2005
description or nickname of a VERY VERY ugly person

Comes from 80s cartoon Thundarr The Barberian - His sidekick's name was Oogla the Mok
That guy is beyond fugly, he is OOGLA!

Man - that kid is so ugly they should have named her Oogla.
by karnakdave January 31, 2005
When a person stands on the seat of a toilet in a stall, facing the wall, and deficates. From that angle it looks like they are riding the toilet.
Oh man he must be used to a squat toilet because I walked in on him doing the Reverse Cowboy - close the door motherfucker!
by karnakdave July 17, 2008

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