Oogie (Latin root word Ooorg'ie): a catastrophically foul smell which exits the body through the anal tract of a human being. A devastating fart. An oogie is not created from quickly digested food, but is rather brewed in the stomach and digestive tract over time (may be days to weeks). Usually excruciatingly painful to release, subject may experience severe psychological trauma and distress following oogie exposure and may suffer permanent brain damage, loss of hearing, sight, watering of the eyes,heart attack,stroke, abnormal mutations or growths, and even death or other medical problems or conditions. Individuals who consume on a regular basis monster beverages, taco bell, hot tamales and protein shakes are at a higher risk of experiencing an oogie attack. Depression and lonliness typically follows individuals who produce oogies. 143 fatal cases have been reported in 2008 in the United States alone. God have mercy on all who are condemned with this horrible life changing condition.
by Cruuzman23 May 07, 2009
Top Definition
extremely gross or disgusting; attended to by unfavorable circumstances
Wow... that dried vomit sure is oogie!
by kater October 20, 2004
Icky, slimy, grotesque
The oogie gash was oozing pus before the nurse could clean and bandage it.
by Susan Nonnenberg July 02, 2003
something that you don't know what to call
pass me that oogie
by magggggg February 02, 2011
In a homosexual relationship, one who is the receiver of sperm during intercourse or otherwise sexual acts.
I'll be the oogie this time, if you take it next time.

I typically prefer being an oogie, it doesn't bother me.
by Rob Frankerton November 20, 2008
pronounced as ''OOGIEEEE!!" (oo-giii) and yelled out in quiet situations, is known as a symbol of excitement and boldness in classrooms everywhere.
Teacher: we will be learning about prononciation today. Repeat after me: "aaa"
Class: "aa"
Teacher: "oo"
Student: OOGIE!!!
Teacher: *sigh* that does it for today
by Risky Waterbird, tm April 03, 2011
i word that is used to replace the term "thats soo gay" because gay is offensive when used in a situation that is stupid.
The word oogie is made up to catch on instead of using an offensive term
eww i look so oogie today
by LILLLLLLREDDER October 12, 2010
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