1. During Sex, when a guy "comes" on a girls face, and makes her eyes water/cry.
Blake gave Kaycee an onion!
Emily and Krisha like onions.
#sex #come #penis #vagina #anal
by ilovefishx November 20, 2010
The girlfriend of a bikie or a member of a motorcycle gang. Note the similarity to the old English word "ronion", a term of contempt for a woman.
The word comes from Australian slang, but may have originated in the U.K.
The bikie came into the bar with his onion by his side.
#ronion #bikie #bikie mole #mole #slapper
by Steven Guy February 07, 2009
A term people from Brisbane (Queensland, Australia) use to describe a female that has sex with anyone in return for drugs.
"Yeah I've heard about her, she's an onion so steer clear of her"
#ungyin #onyin #unyin #onoin #ongion
by skattercrab October 01, 2013
Onion is a diverse word that can be used to describe many breeds of punks. To name a few Joey Blowouts, Wiggers, Wanna be gangsta's, White trash or any other group that falls in the asshole category. When you see them next time you’ll know, think onion.
"look at these onions, this place has gone to hell" Onion is a diverse word that can be used to describe many breeds of punks.
#wiggers #white trash #mooks #louses #degenerates
by Gucci Venichenzo July 10, 2008
A mild insult for someone,
like calling someone a spoon

or it could be a good thing.
Therefore if someone should say you are a 'good onion' its alll gooood :D
Bob: i forgot my homework again
Gurinda: Lol, you onion

Aaron: Hey, ive made some friends that are nice to me

Kat: Tell you're friends i like them Aaron, they are Good Onions :)
#onion #good #bad #insult #compliment
by katerinakalogerakis February 07, 2009
someone who goes against the consensus of a group, generally used in political or intellectual discussions.
Person 1: "I love this book."
Person 2: "Me too."
Person 3: "It's not that great"
Person 1: "You are the onion of the group!"
#dissident #mutiny #outsider #different #abnormal #uncommon #weird
by dr g class June 29, 2010
$250,000. a large sum of money
YB: Can you believe it? My dude done sold 12,500 units@ $20 a piece.

TXS: Yeahhh Buddy, thats an onion in the pocket.
#250000 #en onion #quater mill #mad loot #ttiii money #untold wealth
by YB The Rock Star May 13, 2010
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