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3 definitions by ziley

A bad bloke, Someone who has done something to dissapoint a team or group of mates.
Bondy, you didnt give me fuel money you badger!

Bondy hurry up you badger

Your a badger
by Ziley November 30, 2006
Something that is perfect for you. An act or item that you love or are really good at.
Willo, That chick is your absolute onion!

Thats my onion
by ziley December 04, 2006
A word used to describe a female who is of a very high standard...

Not the average female, usually a girl who you would like to bend over.

Very attractive, hot, bonerific, sexy etc
That chick is absolute Salmon

Look boys here comes some salmon

Check out that salmon
by ziley December 04, 2006