better than the word "killin'" and a synonym for the word "braume"; something/someone extremely cool. beyond words.
"whoa! that entire concert was ONIONS! let me buy a CD right now!"
by shwee-doo April 14, 2011
an emotion somewhere between sadness, frustration and anger usually characterized by being confronted by a problem or situation which you have no capacity to resolve or overcome.
Ex 1. There are 50, 000 gallons of oil draining into the ocean in the gulf of mexico daily. It feels like onions.

Ex 2. When my boyfriend sold my priceless collection of pokemon cards on ebay, without telling me, for money to buy cigarettes, it felt like onions.
by p@$$ing thr.ugh May 31, 2010
the essential part of quizon's notorious baja chicken
Lady: Hi! What can I get for you?
Hungry Guy: I would like a large baja chick with EXTRA onions!
by MattBizzle November 13, 2008
When you are in the midst of sexual intercourse, and you slam it in hard enough to hit her 'back wall'. Once that is achieved you may then yell "ONIONS"!
" Oh yeah baby, feel that, uh huh, oh...uh...yeah...ONIONS! "
by Tom & Paul October 28, 2006
A delicious food which if eaten raw with your nose plugged actually tastes just like apple until you unplug your nose. Also a favorite food of most badgers.
Badgers are known to like ONIONS but if you were to offer an onion to a badger who was full, he would probably decline your offer.
by Cornelious Hamburger September 18, 2005
Something that is perfect for you. An act or item that you love or are really good at.
Willo, That chick is your absolute onion!

Thats my onion
by ziley December 04, 2006
An ass so nice it'll make you wanna cry!
Check out the onion on that one! I could take a bite outta that!
by Erica and Jill December 19, 2005
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