Vagina, specifically when seen from behind as a female bends over. This is due to the onion shape that the vagina takes when in this position.
I could see nothing but onion when Maggie began doing toe touches in front of me at the gym.
by ALIS December 03, 2014
Showing one of your testicles out of your pants to insult someone or showing a woman that you do have balls.
Example 1 : Gazza : What's up with the fella's behind us? They seem pretty pissed.

Soles : I gave them an onion.

Example 2 : Mick showed the onion to Jess and she loved it when a guy shows her that he's all balls.
by MSoles7 January 17, 2011
term that refers to a hott piece of ass of any age who makes an appearance at fast food restaurants; always of the female persuasion.
dude 1: "man, did you see that onion?"
dude 2: "was she a blooming onion?"
by inlovewithlaugh January 14, 2011
an insult the cockney equivelent of a twat.
from the mighty boosh:
vince noir:"he's melted"
The Hitcher:"i ain't meltrd you ONION im over 'ere!

me: (aside) nice one boosh
by eoghan the great June 04, 2007
A slang alternative for testicles.
Lando Calrissian: "Why, you slimy, double-crossing, no-good swindler. You've got some huge onions comin' here, after what you pulled." (feints, laughs) "How you doin', you old pirate? So good to see you!"
by OMGDINOSAURSWOW September 14, 2010
vegetable with *layers*
not to be confused with: "cake" or "parfait"
"Ogres are like onions."
by BowTieGirl June 14, 2003
bomb ass weed. point blank, period.
"whatchu been up to, son?" "shit, man. i been shoving HEAVY onions." "oh yeah? spark it up."
by Yaya February 26, 2012
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