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1. To be high as shit. 2. To be so high, it feels like one is floating.
"Dude we need to get going" "I can't man. Im on a boat nigga!"
by Mr. Flinstoned May 06, 2010
Title of a great song. (Lonley Island and T-Pain. If someone says this they are either listening to the song; is on a boat;or"im so good you cant touch me" or "im on roll" kinda thing.
(Someone is on fire in a basketball game) "DUDE,YOUR ON A BOAT!"
by NikkiStatic February 26, 2009
An alternative way to say "on a roll". Things are going incredibly well for you and nobody can touch you, because you're on a motherfuckin boat.
I just got promoted at my job and scored a hot date tomorrow, I'm on a boat!
by Heeb21 February 13, 2009
the best feeling in the world, usually associated with feeling free and happy.
"dude, i just got an A+ on my science test, i'm on a boat!"
by deejaylovesmaddie December 14, 2009
when you are completely "tanked" or drunk you tend to have no balance....as if you were on a boat.
You say "dude, I'm on a boat" then lose your balance and fall the hell on your ass.
by drinkycrow July 06, 2010