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expletive phrase. The adding of -izzle to the end of "omg" to add emphasis to the expletive meaning.

Used especially in conjunction with "fo shizzle" directly ensuing the phrase.
Person A: Do0d, you just got BEAT by the chick!
Person B: omgizzle! I suck ass, yo.
by Shifty Eyed Goat June 07, 2004
when you're feelin like a g and instead of saying 'omg' like boring people, you say 'omgizzle'. the second you say this you turn into a re-incarnated form of Tupac Shakur just because you added the 'izzle' it makes that much of a difference.
Guy #1- Hey, did you hear that Kayne is a gay fish?

Guy #2- No way! OMGIZZLE!
*Mystical Clouds Appear*
Guy #1- Tupac?!?!?!?!?
by cookielips565656 July 17, 2010
It basically means "omg" except for with an "izzle" at the end. This word is very clean and use able
by PickleFace10000000 December 06, 2010
O-M-G-IZZLES meaning omg that tickeld my tummy its often used when something seroious or funny happened usallay used by valley girls its feel good on your tounge : )
person 1: hey did you hear lydia got the lead in the school play

person 2: OMGIZZLES
by gurl1234gurl1234 June 04, 2011
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