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A Pimp who brings the bitch's, but doesn't own the Bitch's.
If You see a Kayne, you stay with him, He knows how to get some ass!
Can be seen as jealous and/or Greedy
Jenny : You act like a Kayne. Everyone thinks your so sweet but when you only want thier pants.

Dave : And?
Kayne is wonderful, amazing, funny guy who is a joy to be around. Everyon loves him and thinks he's is awesome. He is a true gentleman who knows how to treat a person right. He's cute, sexy, and strong and no one can bring him down.
You gotta love Kanye!
He's such a kayne.
by Niya Potter October 17, 2011
To me the word Kayne means AMAZING! No star shines as bright as he does, Kayne could never be mean or shallow, he has the most gorgeous smile, it could stop my heart. Kayne absent mindedly makes girls fall for him, he is just so irresistible.Kayne is loved by everyone he meets. Kayne is as good as it gets and no one could ask for better. Don't let Kayne be the one who got away you need him more than you think. Kayne is a stunner deal.
Friend: Kayne, will you go out with me?
Kayne: Sorry, no I don't feel that way about you.

Bystander: God, he is such a Kayne....
by Gordon The Goddess November 30, 2012
A fine ass motherfucker!! aww yeaha
M'mm so sexy. A guy who has the hip hop style mixed wit that hott preppy style!
That boy is like Kyne! So so fine wit his collar poped up like that!
by smurfy May 19, 2004
People: Kayne you like Fishsticks?
Kayne: Yes I do
Peope: So you like Fishsticks in your mouth?
Kayne: Yes why?
People: So what, are you a gayfish?
Kayne: What! No I ain't no gay fish
by DamnItfunnymail July 26, 2011