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Off My Buddy List. Used for asshats who constantly spam you or complain to you for no apparent reason. Also used for motherbitches who drunkenly IM you. Fark.
(00:38:01) asshat: oh my god
(00:38:08) asshat: im fucking hammered by accident
(00:43:56) Heh: ,
(00:44:09) Heh: stop iming me forever. thanks.
(00:44:23) Heh: you're "OMBL"
(00:44:31) Heh: (Off my buddy list)\
(00:44:59) asshat: oh m god
(00:45:04) asshat: PMBL
(00:45:12) asshat: thats not on urbandictionary
by Heh. June 01, 2006
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