Oh my bad
Lonelygirl17: No way!
Dannyboy32 has gone offline
Dannyboy32: OMB. bad internet.
by Sha-zamm August 02, 2008
Oh My Bama; Like Barack Obama! use in place of omg!
OMB! Obama is going to be the next president!
by Sammmmm :) May 15, 2008
used by cool buddhists that dont want to say oh my god but oh my buddha
person 1: hey do u know jack is going out with jackie
person 2: OMB !!1
by Buddhists 101 March 04, 2008
oh My Boner

referring to a hot female that makes you D want to be S'd
When u see a hot chick, you might say "OMB!! Look at that ass!"
by Kevins Bitch November 27, 2007
As used in Oh My Gosh (OMG), it is used in the case of Oh My Blake (OMB) - commonly used among Blakers (fans of American Idol '07 runner-up Blake Lewis)
OMB, Blake is such an amazing beatboxer!
by VeeKay February 04, 2008
Oh My Buttocks. A way better thing to say than Oh My Gosh, however it means the same thing.
OMB! How cool do ya wanna be?
by Buddy Urr July 09, 2006

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