Oh my Bunny, used by bunny lovers on bunspace, the myspace for buns.
by Shantheawesomesauce October 03, 2010
The short term for "Oh my Bieber" To say something is new or big about Justin Bieber.
OMB!!!! Justin Bieber's concert is only in 4 days!!!!
by rlb123 August 25, 2010
Oh My Bieber.

Instead of saying OMG(Oh My Gosh/God) you say OMB(Oh My Bieber) in respect of Justin Bieber
OMB! I looooove your new Justin Bieber poster!!!
by BelieberGalForever May 30, 2010
Stands for Oh My Blog, a preppier way of saying omg, also suggests that whatever has just happened will be discussed later on your blog.
omb, i just hooked up with jason! i have to go blog about this!!!
by x_die_for_you_x July 20, 2009
Oh My Boobs or OMT, "Oh My Tits".
Can also be used as OMFB.
"Josh dumped me,"
"OMB! Really?"
"Yeah, that punk bitch".
by Julia and Colin February 11, 2009
n. one-man-band; one person who plays multiple instruments

v. to perform a song in OMB style
n. Steve is totally an OMB, he plays like a hundred instruments.

Check out this guy! He's OMBing the Wind Waker theme!
by Anonuuu January 12, 2009
Oh my bad
Lonelygirl17: No way!
Dannyboy32 has gone offline
Dannyboy32: OMB. bad internet.
by Sha-zamm August 02, 2008

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