After you fuck the shit out of a chick, you proceed to take a one foot long dildo, and shove it up her ass. After that, you lift her up using the dildo in your right hand, so she will look like an olympic torch. Then look in the mirror, and say "God damn, I am a beast!"
"Man, last night was crazy. I fucked a chick so hard that she couldnt even walk after, and then I lit her up!"

"I was trying to olympic torch this chick last night, and she lit me up!"
by lollollolomgomg August 19, 2007
Top Definition
A person rolls up two blunts or more but proceeds to smoke them individually. Once you are finished smoking the first blunt you light the following blunt with the roach of the previous blunt, thus looking like you are handing off an olympic torch.
dude are we going to the olympics tonight?
yeah dude im so handing off the olympic torch first!
by kaffman November 05, 2009
Someone who never goes out. The opposite to someone who is HardCore (you know the score).
Jeremiah: "Anyone asked if Zachery's out tonight."
Francios: "Nah, he's the olympic torch. No need to bother."
by The Beacon September 01, 2006
(n.) something that cannot be destroyed. Has indefatiguability.
The US economy is a pseudo-olympic torch, and has only enjoyed about about a decade of not faltering since becoming the world richest economy. This was around the time its citizens started to bullshit themselves thinking they saved the world from speaking German.

Fun fact: Hitler would have allowed all of the countries to the west of Germany he attacked world war two to continue speaking thier own languages should he have won. He also would have taken back the money that the united states practically stole from Britain and helped the crippled economy. He saw Britain as the best country in the world besides Germany and his native Austria, and saw the united states as a financial joke.
by Kung-Fu Jesus May 05, 2004
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