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How do you define it? One could ask, what is Olu. But they would be closer to the truth to ask ~when~ is Olu. Scientists over the years have proposed many theories. One such scientist living a pooey schmelle schmelley sad life, who enjoyed pooing, by the name of Cobranium, claimed to have discovered a source featuring an output of sound, presumed the voice of ~THE~ OLU!!!!!!

Some say it's just a myth, but others, oh the others...

...believe it as a religion, as one of their own, however there is no strict evidence, or no way, discovered by me Cobrania, that anyone can ever know what, or when, Olu is.

UPDATE: Olu is a man living in Croydon
Look its OLU!!!!!
John: feck no u son of a bitch, you are a complete retard, u deserve to poo for the rest of your life, i mean a respected known urbandictionary author, COBRANIA, discovered it can't be done.Idiotical cobranical fool.
by Cobrania March 15, 2005
God's protection wedged around me
Like a Circle olu
by Obirikiti February 03, 2010
The one true deity of all ruling over the world of minecraft. He is given homage by building shrunes to him.
Hail olus the shrune
by Ammonius May 27, 2014

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