The most amazing person you will ever meet, she's kind, caring, sweet, cute. Just everything, she's pretty much the definition of perfect. She's also my bestfriend and i love her. I wouldn't let anything happen to my Olivia, she means more then the world to me and she doesn't even know it.
Olivia, she's so adorable.
by PewShankShankPew July 07, 2011
cute, sweet and nice. the type of girl that will do anything for you to make you happy. she is a loyal friend and awesome with a touch of gangsta. she is pretty and normally has blue eyes and light brown curly hair.
girl: wow that girl helping out her friends is a true OLIVIA<33
by cheerleading4life:] July 08, 2011
A nice, caring sweet person, that will help you through all of your troubles. She is always there to back you up, and will always listen. she puts everyone first, and is an amazing friend. She brings you out of your worst, and is always always ALWAYS going to be there for you whether its for financial aid, to cheer you up, or just to give great advice. She's done so much for mee, and if you meet and Olivia, be her friend, no mateer how crazy she seems.
Me: Hi Olivia!
Olive: Hey, you're awesome
ME: Thanks, but you're the best!
by That small child February 10, 2012
Hot mammaa. Bigg asss titties. Everyone wants a piece of Olivia. If you could change your name, make it Olivia. Sexy chick, and great in bed. Dammm, i want some Olivia.
-"Olivias boobs looked great in that shirt today" -"yeah, Olivias hot.
by letsdance123 September 23, 2010
A wonderful friend. She is a person you can trust with your life and can dump your feelings on and she will encourage you to keep going. She is usually attractive and is very nice. When she talks bad about anyone, they are the ones who deserve it. She is always very nice to her friends and treat them how they deserve to be treated. You better think twice before losing her as a friend because she is one of the few friends that you cat trust with any secret. Olivia is hard to top on a best friends list.

I told Olivia everything and she didnt tell anyone.
by Torture Laughs April 08, 2013
The best girls alive. lovable,gorgeous and amazing.
Olivia is so loveable!
by Tigs & Liv! May 14, 2012
this girl is weird. super cool and really pretty and luckily her weirdness makes her funny. Olivia's have a loud voice, verrryyy loud and arent afraid to express it! They are very loyal to friendships and are always there if you are down. you wont regret knowing an olivia!!
Oh gosh, did you just do that olivia??
by afriendnamefen? March 20, 2012

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