the fricken coolest girl you'll ever meet. hotttt body. awesome personality. great dancer. easy to fall in love with.
i <3 you olivia
by youdontneedtoknoww April 27, 2010
Olivia is a female name,
Olivia means "Peace of the olive tree".
There is also a book and a t.v program called Olivia about a little pig called Olivia.

Olivia's are fun,they don't have many friends,but they don't care,their friends are Loyal.Everyone loves Olivia.She is beautiful.She is kind and loving.But can have a fiery temper, they have very pretty eyes.They can make a guy have a boner,just by walking past.They are also very good in bed.
Example 1:
Dude 1:*Boner* O.m.g did you see that girl?
Dude 2:Yeah!She MUST be a olivia!

Example 2:
Guy:Wow.Look at that girl!She is Sexyy!
Guy 2:Yep.She's an Olivia!

Example 3:
Little kid 1:Did you see Olivia last night?
Little kid 2:yeah!And i got the new book!
Little kid 1:wow!

Example 4:
Girl 1:Wow,look at her hair,her eyes,her body.Have you seen the way she walks?And the way she flips her hair?I so want to be her!
Girl 2:Yep,thats olivia!

Example 5:
Guy:Wow,Look at that girl she's beautiful!
Guys girlfriend:Your looking at another girl? We are over!
Guy: Hey!Not my fault your not an olivia!
by XxHornyXxBabeXx June 16, 2011
A cute, smart, artsy brunette with bright green eyes, layered honey coloured hair and a hint of freckles (if she gets a lot of sun).
She has a great sense of humor, and a wonderful smile. You say her name, and a great sense of warmth comes over you as she turns with a smile and says. "Huh? Did someone call me?"
Me: "Olivia!!" *turns around*

Olivia: *looks around, trying to spot who said her name* "Huh? Who said my name?*

Me: *shudders* So cute...
by chhcooldude December 26, 2011
A delicate, yet beautiful flower. She grabs the heart of the crowd. A delightful part of any unsuspecting person's day. Likes preppy clothes, preferably pink, green, light blue, possibly orange, depending on the brightness. If you see an Olivia, look the other way, because you will immediately fall for her charm, looks, and unforgiving demeanor.
That Olivia, she's a cool one!
by alexbrown4141 May 12, 2010
Beautiful girl who everybody wishes too be she's very outgoing & won't take shit from nobody she's a special person one of a kind all the boys wish they could have her & all the girls wish they could be her she's one of the prettiest girls in the planet. She has a great body cutest smile and has a way with word she tends to be spoiled & always gets her. Way don't make her mad cause your most likely gonna regret it she has an amazing personality she has her weird moments everybody loves olivia & not to mention her name is B E A U T I F U L
Gosh that olivia girl is so beautiful I wish I could be more like her
by boommoomflooof January 01, 2011
Olivia is a type of person who radiates beauty and confidence and has the ability to laugh at herself. She has wit, charm, and is all around otherworldly. The usual form this gorgeous creature takes has long wavy brown hair, smooth olive skin, hazel eyes, straight white teeth, plump pink lips, and a body that makes an hourglass jealous. She has a tight behind and perfect breasts, you will find that Olivia is the only human closest to perfection. She is a strong willed, charismatic natural beauty with brains to boot. She is poised and graceful, and a wildcat in bed. The fiercest, most wondrous, thing to behold.
Man, in a haze: "I am the luckiest man alive. I met the most radiant woman the other night. She gave me the honor of taking her to bed, and I know that after her no other will ever be able to compare."

Man's friend: "Who was this magnificent creature!?"

Man: "Olivia."

Friend: "That explains it all."
by Truly Bold November 26, 2011

Everybody Loves Olivia <3
Who's that girl who will always forgive you and loves everyone she knows!
That's Olivia of course!!!!
by Lil' Livi January 20, 2011
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