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the prettiest, awesomest, coolest, clerevest, fittest person in the world! she's extremely popular, everyone loves her, she's really sporty, the fastest in her school, very kind, funny and has an amazing sense of humour. she's amazingly loved by everyone she meets, and ALL boys loveee her! she's terribly good at gymnastics, trampolining, ice-skating, netball, sprinting, long jump, bowling and football. some people have even told her she will be in the olympics some day!
olivia is AMAZING.
by rtyiiiiiiiiirtr6ukrf6uk August 17, 2011
27 12
She is a sweet girl with a big heart, caring, and will never do anything to intentionally hurt someone. Although she'll start to get on your nerves after a while. She wants to be surrounded by many people and never be alone. She will always be there wether you like it or not. Once you become friends with her, she will always want to be with you. She can be a brunette but is usually a blonde and has many blond moments.
"woah, you just popped right out of now where, your such an olivia"
by YaLd November 30, 2011
24 10
Olivia is a mysterious girl who listens to indie music, reads deep books, writes poetry, only wears dresses, travels as much as possible, and smokes herbal cigarettes when no one is looking. She looks for a deeper meaning in everything, because she wants more out of life.

Did I mention Olivia's are gorgeous? She's got a body like an hourglass that's ticking like a clock (most likely from dance). Some people are turned off by her hipsterness and her rebellious attitude, and she knows it. Because of this, she smiles, laughs, and pretends to be happy around others as much as possible.
Olivia needs to open up and let the world see the real her, not the paper girl she becomes when she tried to fit in at her preppy christian school.
by secretadmirer007 October 22, 2012
19 6
The best girls alive. lovable,gorgeous and amazing.
Olivia is so loveable!
by Tigs & Liv! May 14, 2012
17 4
Super cute and forgiving girl with tons of friends, never gives up. Don't screw with her, she might beatcha ass.
"dude did you see her?"
"yeah... *sigh*"
"she is so nice"
"yeah she's olivia"
by asdf lol March 15, 2013
15 3
A stunning girl with a warm heart and intelligence to go far in life. An "Olivia" often has long brown hair, blue eyes, a great figure and a perfectly shaped arse

She is reserved but when you have introduced yourself to an "Olivia" they will be in your life for a long time. She is well respected and can make a brilliant friend.

An "Olivia" is shy, but enjoys banter among friends and a good spanking from time to time. You must not fall for the sometimes snobby and bitchy attitude picked up by an "Olivia" as they can use this to hide their true identity.
Joe: I met this girl the other day, she had brown hair and blue eyes but was a bit of a snob.
Chris: Nah.. Must be an Olivia, they aren't snobs you just need to get to know them.

Joe: Lucky I asked her for her number then!
by ILoveGoldfish August 02, 2012
16 4
this girl is weird. super cool and really pretty and luckily her weirdness makes her funny. Olivia's have a loud voice, verrryyy loud and arent afraid to express it! They are very loyal to friendships and are always there if you are down. you wont regret knowing an olivia!!
Oh gosh, did you just do that olivia??
by afriendnamefen? March 20, 2012
16 4