A wonderful friend. She is a person you can trust with your life and can dump your feelings on and she will encourage you to keep going. She is usually attractive and is very nice. When she talks bad about anyone, they are the ones who deserve it. She is always very nice to her friends and treat them how they deserve to be treated. You better think twice before losing her as a friend because she is one of the few friends that you cat trust with any secret. Olivia is hard to top on a best friends list.

I told Olivia everything and she didnt tell anyone.
by Torture Laughs April 08, 2013
The best person you will ever meet!!
She beautiful in every way. Her smile is amazing, her eyes glow, her skin is flawless and her hair, OH her hair just falls perfectly in place as if like magic. She's also so kind and thoughtful, and a bad-ass at the same time. She has a great sense of humour, her personality is fabulous! Her voice, it's the voice of an angel, so pure and wonderful.
I love Olivia, I don't think she could get any more perfect then she already is.
Guy- You know who I really love?

Girl- Who?

Guy- Olivia

Girl- Oh yeah, she's perfect.
by SilentxKisses April 14, 2013
A stunning girl with a warm heart and intelligence to go far in life. An "Olivia" often has long brown hair, blue eyes, a great figure and a perfectly shaped arse

She is reserved but when you have introduced yourself to an "Olivia" they will be in your life for a long time. She is well respected and can make a brilliant friend.

An "Olivia" is shy, but enjoys banter among friends and a good spanking from time to time. You must not fall for the sometimes snobby and bitchy attitude picked up by an "Olivia" as they can use this to hide their true identity.
Joe: I met this girl the other day, she had brown hair and blue eyes but was a bit of a snob.
Chris: Nah.. Must be an Olivia, they aren't snobs you just need to get to know them.

Joe: Lucky I asked her for her number then!
by ILoveGoldfish August 02, 2012
The most beautiful, booty packing, amazing and hilarious person you will ever know. Known for her craziness and humor. She is the most loyal of your friends most likely. She is a deep person as well as a deep lover. She is ALWAYS the person that can make you laugh in a matter of seconds.
Oh, Olivia? I love her.


Damnnnn she is amazing!!
by Call me liv. April 15, 2013
Olivia is a naturally beautiful girl. Usually a girly girl however isn't afraid to get her hands dirty. Interested in makeup, hair and fashion. Is always a good laugh and can always make you smile. Olivia is not afraid to be herself and if she doesn't like you then she will tell you. Can be a bitch if you get on her bad sad. Has amazing fashion sense and a wardrobe people would kill for. Most olivia's have brown, slightly wavy hair. They have beautiful eyes and are tall and slim, though not disgustingly thin! Her laugh would make anybody laugh. She always has a good time with her friends. Olivia is a very intelligent girl and has boys chasing after her. She has the kindest heart and us an amazing friend who is always there for you
I love olivia
by theonethatyouwant November 13, 2013
Olivia is one of the sweetest, funniest, kindest, smartest, and most random, honest and considerate person in the world. I love her too death for so many different reasons. One of those reasons is that she doesn't lower herself too other people's level when they stupidly make judgements on her without knowing her. In fact Olivia's are often so gorgeous and amazing that people make rude and harsh comments because they get so jealous of how perfect Olivia's seem. Olivia's are very intelligent and will always be there to make you smile and give you a confidence boost when your feeling upset. She's a great girl and she needs a great guy because anyone would be lucky to have her. I love her too the moon x infinity and back, you should too.
P.S. If I hear one more person talking bad about Olivia I am going to scream and punch a hole in the wall. Lay the frick off. If you're talking crap about her you obviously don't know her. No matter how many walls she might put up, her life is not perfect, nobody's is. The last thing Olivia needs is for anyone to lower her self esteem. Olivia is great girl and if you don't agree with that its your problem not hers, so shut the frick up because your opinion doesn't matter.
Guy 1: I wish Olivia was my girlfriend
Guy 2: Yeah, but an amazing girl like that would never go for a guy like me.
Guy 3: If I only had the courage to ask her out.
Guy 4: Me too.
Guy 5: Me three. But she's so beautiful I know she wouldn't say yes.
Guy 6: And talk about smart!
Guy 7: Olivia is so WONDERFUL!!!
Olivia is a mysterious girl who listens to indie music, reads deep books, writes poetry, only wears dresses, travels as much as possible, and smokes herbal cigarettes when no one is looking. She looks for a deeper meaning in everything, because she wants more out of life.

Did I mention Olivia's are gorgeous? She's got a body like an hourglass that's ticking like a clock (most likely from dance). Some people are turned off by her hipsterness and her rebellious attitude, and she knows it. Because of this, she smiles, laughs, and pretends to be happy around others as much as possible.
Olivia needs to open up and let the world see the real her, not the paper girl she becomes when she tried to fit in at her preppy christian school.
by secretadmirer007 October 22, 2012
the best person ever. shes so beautiful and overall perfect.
boy 1: dang whos that
boy 2: man that's olivia
by immabossassbitch December 08, 2013

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