Olivia's are alway beautiful , gorgeous people with great personalities. They love the beach and normally have sun bleached blonde hair. They are the Hottest name by far and are experienced in the surfing scene.
they have the best body and all the boys are after an Olivia.
you will not regret meeting an olivia
guy 1: have you seen that girl?
guy 2: i wonder what her name is?
guy 3: oh thats Olivia
guy 1 : OF COURSE IT IS!!!
by coolcat124568 October 11, 2011
Weird, hilarious, a total drama queen, loves to be in the spotlight, a great leader, adventurous, often fearless, a good kisser, popular, very loud, beautiful and very talented.
by pinkelephant12 July 23, 2013
Funny, caring, loves to be around friends, and she is very talkative so don't sit next to her in class she is also very smart and likes to call people funny names she is the best person you could have as your friend so if you have an Olivia in your life don't let her go
"Omg I had the funniest conversation with Olivia!!!"
The most gorgeous, amazeing, perfect-in-her-own-way, has a great styl, could have anybody in the rld if she wanted them. It is very easy for people to envy, she is her own person, and diesnt take crap from anybody. <3
Shes got to be an Olivia
by sweetcakes April 14, 2012
A girl that is stunning and takes you're breath away. Sexy and has a hot body. She is sweet and fun and is a cute, funny kind of crazy. If you ever get a chance to have her you must keep her forever, she will always love her if you love her back. She is the closest thing to perfect that you will ever find. Protect her at all costs and make sure she knows she is yours. She is capable of loving you like no one else and is an amazing girl. She is admirable and smart and you could just stare at her forever. She has a loving, soft voice and is smart and charismatic. A girl worth keeping forever.
Olivia is the perfect girl.
by Tipoff November 06, 2013
A person who is more then funny she's HILARIOUS!!! A good friend but competitive at times Olivia is a trustworthy person! An over all well rounded person!! And a mathematical genius !!!
Boy -"wow she's really smart"
Girl-"Ya! She's definitely an Olivia"
by Anonymusfriend December 14, 2013
An awesome girl. She's super hot and has the nicest boobs you will ever see. She's a goddess in bed and literally the sexiest chica on the planet. She is sarcastic and a bit cynical but she means well. She will always be there for you, and she says whatever comes to mind. She has long wavy brown hair and bright green eyes. She's really hard on herself and tries very hard to make everyone happy and she feels guilty if they're not. If you have the luck to meet a single Olivia, you better snatch her up quick before someone else does.
Guy: hey that chick is damn sexy.
Girl: I wish I could be her.
Guy: what's her name?
Girl: her name's Olivia. She has a boyfriend though.

Guy: Dammit.
by Iloveolivia August 08, 2013

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