Weird, hilarious, a total drama queen, loves to be in the spotlight, a great leader, adventurous, often fearless, a good kisser, popular, very loud, beautiful and very talented.
by pinkelephant12 July 23, 2013
An amazing girl! She's trustworthy, pretty, intelligent, kind, and hilarious. I'm so lucky to have her in my life.
She's a beautiful girl with an amazing body. She's charismatic, sophisticated and powerful. But she can also be very weird and crazy.
Laughs at her own jokes.
She's incredibly smart, has a way with words and is a great listener. She loves helping people with their personal problems.

She doesn't take shit. She's gonna catch your shit and throw it back at your face. Do NOT get in her bad side. She doesn't like being surrounded by many people, so if you're close to her, she considers you very special.

She's pretty tall with adorable hands and the cutest feet!
She's the kind of person who eats a whole pizza by herself and not gain weight. Like, what?
She doesn't like olives, unless they're in her martini.

She's a very special girl.

An elegant name for an elegant girl.
You're lucky if you know an olivia. She's ana amazing friend, and an amazing lover. Very passionate and romantic. Unless you get on her bad side.
She can be shy and sophisticated, but can also be SO badass.

She's extremely talented and artsy. Very good at sports as well.
She truly has it all. Looks, brains, personality. If you know an Olivia, cherish her.
Emily: "oh look! It's Olivia!"
Sara: "she's my sister."
Emily: "I wish I were close to an Olivia!"
by Heartonmysleeve December 17, 2014
Beautiful person all around. She has a smile that lights up the room and sparkling eyes. There isn't very many people like her so don't let her go once she's yours. She has a hard time trusting people who have hurt her in the past. Great friend to everyone and there for anyone who needs her. Loves to party and is good at it too. Usually very talented and smart
That's Olivia over there
by Freako12 December 17, 2013
A girl that is stunning and takes you're breath away. Sexy and has a hot body. She is sweet and fun and is a cute, funny kind of crazy. If you ever get a chance to have her you must keep her forever, she will always love her if you love her back. She is the closest thing to perfect that you will ever find. Protect her at all costs and make sure she knows she is yours. She is capable of loving you like no one else and is an amazing girl. She is admirable and smart and you could just stare at her forever. She has a loving, soft voice and is smart and charismatic. A girl worth keeping forever.
Olivia is the perfect girl.
by Tipoff November 06, 2013
Funny, caring, loves to be around friends, and she is very talkative so don't sit next to her in class she is also very smart and likes to call people funny names she is the best person you could have as your friend so if you have an Olivia in your life don't let her go
"Omg I had the funniest conversation with Olivia!!!"
Loud, Funny and cute. She has a great smile. She is always centre of attention and this can sometimes annoy people. Her main goal in life is to be popular. She has lots of friends but only a few of them are true because they talk behind her back. She definitely has her blond moments and ALWAYS leaves studying to the last minute. She says things that she dosnt think through and that causes her to offend people without her releasing. She can be judgmental and rude but at the end of the day she is really nice.
Girl- Hey whats your name?

Olivia- Olivia

Girl- Oh i could tell by the way you were in the centre of attention over there.
by hipoliposuck1234567890 August 02, 2012
Awesome girl... Loves to make people laugh. Witty, loving and kind even thought she is not always a happy girl most of the time. Likes to hang out in little groups but mostly with a best friend only.. Staying up late watching movies and talking. Gets hurt easily when her friends leave her out. Awesome girl... Loves to make people laugh. Witty and kind even thought she is not always a happy girl most of the time. Likes to hang out in little groups but mostly with a best friend only. Gets hurt easily when her friends leave her out. Beautiful, loving and easy to get along with.Beautiful, loving and easy to get along with. Loves drawing and animals.
Olivia is awesome
by hunnybunnycakes March 30, 2015
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