A wonderful friend. She is a person you can trust with your life and can dump your feelings on and she will encourage you to keep going. She is usually attractive and is very nice. When she talks bad about anyone, they are the ones who deserve it. She is always very nice to her friends and treat them how they deserve to be treated. You better think twice before losing her as a friend because she is one of the few friends that you cat trust with any secret. Olivia is hard to top on a best friends list.

I told Olivia everything and she didnt tell anyone.
by Torture Laughs April 08, 2013
Olivia is the popular children's book by Ian Falconer. She is a fiesty little toddler pig who is smart and quick-witted.
"But there is one painting Olivia just doesn't get. 'I could do that in about five minutes,' she says to her mother.
by Ozma April 12, 2008
cool person.
That cool person is an Olivia.
by balblabalbla November 21, 2010
Loves animals
Woah who is that beautiful gallll?

omg! its olivia!!!!!!!!!!!! WOAH!!!! double rainbow all the way, man!!!!!!


by telival83 December 06, 2010
An awesome sexy beast with great interaction skills that can only be accquired through proffesional training.
a master mind that works hard and can achieve anything she puts her mind to.
the kind of person your mum wishes she had a daughter like and yet you cannot feel jealous of her you just want to be her friend.

usually has dark brown hair and eyes and pale skin and generally stunning.
Girl: who is that impossibly stunning, clever, sexy, amazing talking skills girl?

Girl 2: Olivia of course!
by sxy tiger/lama/monkey/kangaroo November 12, 2010
Raven-Symone's character on the cosby show, when she used to be cute and adorable. She was Denise's step-daughter
awww olivia is so cute
by chaddyboy May 14, 2006
Olivia. This is the most beautiful and lovely girl you will ever meet. She's just so fucking amazing you won't even be able to handle it. She has the uncanny ability to make me feel better with just a few words, and she's so beautiful. She's got the prettiest eyes and hair and everything okay yes okay. She's super nice and pretty much everyone loves her. & you know if someone doesn't love her, something is seriously wrong with them. She'd look good and lovely no matter what you did to her I mean seriously. She's just fucking amazing and beautiful and the best person I've ever met. She's the bestest friend I could ever ask for, I don't really deserve a good friend like her. She's just perfect in every way. She doesn't believe it, but she really is. It's just so wonderful to have her here for me, she accepts me no matter what and its just amazing.
Lena: I'm a creepy ass friend for doing this.
Olivia: -insert example here~
by Lena c: August 29, 2011
The first lady of g unit
olivia sings with 50 cent on the song candy shop
by L.R. August 11, 2005

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