Olivia, is generally a kind hearted girl who will always try and make other people smile. Although, she is not always happy herself she will put effort in to make others happy. She is beautiful, and generous. Always willing to help people. She is strong hearted and likely to be smart. It is also a great adjective for any girl who is gorgeous, smart, funny, happy, loved, talented and lots more.
That girl, Olivia, is beautiful.
by urbandictonaryXoX August 13, 2011
all that is good in the world, she is the most perfect person you will ever have the pleasure of meeting. charming, pretty, and funny, once you first meet her she is the only girl you will ever think about. from her shining eyes to her sexy legs, olivia controls all men without even realizing it. like sugar kane, she is the sweetest girl, undeniably romantic and innocent, a passionate lover. every kiss will lead you further into her grasp. although she may feel unconfident, she is a professional in every way. even her smallest actions can be seen from space, but its a good thing the astronauts arent watching otherwise theyd lose control of their ship. upon entering the room, one word comes to the mind of all men present: damn. she truly has it all--looks, intelligence, and personality. she is untouchable for all except the people she chooses to let inside. many will misjudge olivia, but only those who take the time to get to know her will be rewarded with her friendship. but be warned-- once she has hold of you, you will never want to be with anyone else for she is perfect.
she's an olivia, you better get used to it
by stefrano July 11, 2011
Beautiful and wonderful person
Who has an incredibly amazing sense of humor
Inteligent and either has or will earn all degrees in college
Also amazing at sports (especially swimming)

Olivias everywhere!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
by farter.100 a day January 16, 2009
the most beautiful, sweet, courageous, tough, loving, daring person you will ever meet. as a friend, she is protective, caring, and funny as hell. as a girlfriend, she is overprotective, still caring, still funny as hell, and a spoiler. olivia cuddles like a pro and always holds your hand when youre close enough. she has the gorgeousest brown hair and the cutest smile and when you look into her eyes, you know that its real and true love. she makes your heart beat faster and your eyes light up. she turns you on with one look and stops your heart in another. you'd be lucky to ever meet one.
me : "i love you"

olivia : "i love you more"

me : "not possible"
by lizthomas1231 June 17, 2011
A super sexy girl, with a gorgeous face and an AMAZING body. Also an amazing person; very loveable. Looks very shy and seems quiet but is an animal in bed. Has super sexy hair, hips, thighs, a nice sized booty, and chest. Likes to do dirty things with their boyfriends and makes them fall in love with them.
Guy: who was that sex goddess bro?
Guys Friend: Oh that was Olivia.
by guess who wrote this Olivia? March 28, 2010
Very shy and beautiful. She has a lot of friends and is loved by everyone in her presence.
Katie: Omg, do you know Olivia?
Halley: Yeah, she's my best friend!
Katie: No, she's my best friend, bitch!
by come along pond December 01, 2011
This is the girl that would take you in even after you broke her heart. She has the most kind hearted soul, shes perfect in every way. She sings, she dances, she acts, and ...She doesnt belive me every time i tell her shes amazing or perfect. I dont love anyone else like her. Shes everything i could ask for and more.
Damn i wish i had an Olivia..
by herloverboy November 30, 2010

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