Olivia is a type of person who radiates beauty and confidence and has the ability to laugh at herself. She has wit, charm, and is all around otherworldly. The usual form this gorgeous creature takes has long wavy brown hair, smooth olive skin, hazel eyes, straight white teeth, plump pink lips, and a body that makes an hourglass jealous. She has a tight behind and perfect breasts, you will find that Olivia is the only human closest to perfection. She is a strong willed, charismatic natural beauty with brains to boot. She is poised and graceful, and a wildcat in bed. The fiercest, most wondrous, thing to behold.
Man, in a haze: "I am the luckiest man alive. I met the most radiant woman the other night. She gave me the honor of taking her to bed, and I know that after her no other will ever be able to compare."

Man's friend: "Who was this magnificent creature!?"

Man: "Olivia."

Friend: "That explains it all."
by Truly Bold November 26, 2011
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A beautiful wonderful hearted girl.
Wonderful to talk to . Always there for someone, great person. Absolutely FUN.
That girl Olivia is awesome.
by J.A,L.M.S.C January 06, 2008
An AMAZING name. Also a good adjective for any girl who is gorgeous, smart, funny, talented, loving, loved, and fabulous in general. If you are considering having a kid, name it Olivia: despite the sex.
That girl isn't named Olivia? She totally should be!
by Marshallnowmsnd May 23, 2008
Olivia is a mystery wrapped in an enigma. Words cannot describe the being which is Olivia because mans brain has not evolved to such depths yet. But they still try.

Olivias are usually beautiful beyond what one could ever imagine. Charasmatic. Weird. Charming. Intelligent. Witty. A total blast to be around but can be moody at times. Hot bod. Will always come through. Has profound love for all around her. Doesn't take shit. Fuck her over once and she will get You 1000 times worse just by batting her eye lashes.
" The Mona Lisa should have been named Olivia. "
by Claus FTW February 04, 2010
Listens to great music!
Gets attention from mostly douchebag guys!
Super smart!
Totally talented!
Good kisser!
Great hair!
Nice smile!
Hot bod!
Cute feet!
Knows how to party!
So wierd!
Usually has A.D.D.
An all around amazing person.
You won't regret knowing an Olivia!
That Olivia is really something.
by hoooolivia July 15, 2009
a person who is a sexy beast
Wow, that girl is olivia
by jankers June 18, 2008
the hottest, nicest, prettiest, person on the planet. can be extremely weird. a person who laughs at her own jokes
person 1: "i know this girl and shes just so amazing"
person 2: "oh, whats her name?"
person 1: " Olivia "
person 2: "I KNEW IT"
by marie1623 January 08, 2009
Awesome,hot,beautyful,hillarious,booty packing,hair flippin,freindly,loyal, motha fucka you'll ever know. Know for her sense of humor.Don't take no shit bitch.
Damn I gots to get me some Olivia.
Shit you see that Olivia.
by big boy up in dis hizzzy June 12, 2008
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