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A cheap italian restaurant chain originating in Florida. Usually occupied by disgruntled managers and apathetic servers. Not a bad place to work. You dont even have to be sober. Majority of food is in soup/salad/breadstick form. The servers must S.I.E. (Suggest, Inform and Endorse) menu items and introduce themselves by name (which is really tacky)

If you can stomach the cheesy greeting, the food should be no problem.
Guest: "Hey boy, bring me some more Parmesan cheese for my salad"
Server: "It's Romano cheese, actually."
Guest: "I didn't come to Olive Garden to be lectured by a waiter. Just grind the cheese boy!"
Server: "YES SIR! How about a refill on that ice tea sir?"
Guest: "Yeah go get my drink and hold the advise."
Server: "Hope you like nutsack in your tea, bitch." says waiter as he walks away.
by evilpoo June 13, 2006
What slow students hear when a teacher mentions oligarchy during a lecture.
So is Polybius saying Rome was a democracy or an Olive Garden?
by Telemakhos May 08, 2004
An Italian chain restaurant, loaded with salad, breadsticks, and Ande's mints.

If you are trying to get laid, you ask a girl to go to the Olive Garden. If she says yes, as long as you pay, she is obligated to have sex with you.
Tom- Dude I'm finally gettin' some poon!

Josh- Bout time you fuckin virgin, how're you pullin this one off?

Tom- I'm takin Tasha to the Olive Garden

Josh- Well son of a bitch. Never thought I'd see the day. We'll have to celebrate, wanna go out to dinner?

Tom- Where at?

Josh- I was thinking the Olive Garden

Tom- You faggot
by icecreamdinner July 24, 2009
American food for an Ameircan resturant.
Dumbfuck: I'm feelin' sophisticated tonight, lets get some Italian.
Other Guy: All right, we'll go to Magiano's.
Dumbfuck: Actually I was thinking we'd go to Olive Garden.
Other Guy: ...
by Taintfuck September 26, 2004
Not an italian restaurant at all.
Here, in Italy, we would never eat the food served in Olive Garden: really ugly, trust in me: italian food is totally differt!!
In olive garden they put cheese on you salade: we'd never do!
by CamillaPS April 24, 2006
A respectable resteraunt chain usually located in a parking lot of a shitty mall
where space cadet waiters serve unlimited breadsticks and salad and suburbanites rejoice at chicken parmasean entres.WOOH! "we are goin to olive garden! Get in the mini van!"
Sarah: Yall want to go to olive garden? (time passes)
Natalie: Where's the bread?
Cori: I hope they don't put the cheese on the salad in fron of me
Sarah: I want my fuckin refill of diet coke!
Waiter: Would you like some parmasean cheese with that?
Cori: They better have andes mints. That's the reason you come here, well the breadsticks too!
by Natalie K December 04, 2005
A chick's restaurant. Not the first choice of a straight male.Their philosophy is to fill you up with salad,bread sticks and soup so you won't be disappointed with minuscule size and high price of the entrée.
Olive Garden is so gay.
by wolfbait51 April 18, 2011
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