a slang term for girlfriend or someone you are interested in.
My old lady comin' over to give me a rub.
by cnlballa October 07, 2003
An old lady is slang for your gf or wife its normally someone you deeply care about mostly used in a construction or manly setting to seem more mocho or manly
My old lady and I went out for dinner last night
The old lady and I wen out all weekend and are hurting units today
by I<3kelly May 03, 2011
A name for the over developed breasts of a younger woman. Ample breasts that do not fit well in a sleeveless blouse.
I would have gotten up for Eminem's "We Made You," but those old ladies were holding me back.
by bobbie_fisher April 25, 2009
The best person in the world at any given thing

ie: cs, ut, DOW, etc
"My mate andy is a right oldlady!"
by Andy November 26, 2004
Slang for girlfriend
Fight with my old lady, she comin at unreal, hit the blunt and now shes animated." - Brotha Lynch Hung "One Mo Pound
by FlyAway July 23, 2011
An irish hip way of saying mum/mother.
"ah alri my old lady's calling me"
"My old lady said no"
"my old lady is such a bitch"
"thats my old lady"
by sopureirish August 10, 2008
A. The stupid, whiney bitches with wrinkles all over their worthless bodies.

B. a great target if you're out hunting with a kinfe or gun

C. a nice thing to hit if you're testing out your cars durability

D. roadkill
Fun Kid 1- Dude, you just ran over an old lady and theres blood all over your windshield!

Fun Kid 2- Yea dude, good call.....i should probobly throw on these windshield whipers

Fun Kid 1- DUH!
by Fattie December 09, 2003

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