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An old man, an old fellow(considered offensive to the elderly)
Why does the old fart keep on talking so much?
by Light Joker August 18, 2004
531 86
An old guy that is just not right
Peter turned the age of an old fart officially on Nov 22nd but, had been practicing for quite some time.
by old fart's son November 21, 2010
84 67
1- a word used to describe a person who is annoying or someone who u r mad at most of the time
person 1- ugh lauren is SO ANNOYING

person 2- I KNOW shes such an old fart
by ugh!!! August 02, 2010
28 91
What you smell when you smack your hand on your couch, car, or dining room chair, seat cushions.
I was doing spring cleaning and beating the dust off the couch when that old fart hit me right in the face.
by Airica November 12, 2005
100 219
Mattdude's father.
The old fart finally croaked and the whole family rejoiced.
by ice December 21, 2003
52 172
a old fart is these 2 things:


2.a bitch
Me: Stop being an old fart!!!

Old Fart: Sorry.
by Old Fart Inc. December 23, 2005
45 170
old yet full of gasoline full of laughing gas
well aged and able to expel laughing ggaassssssssssssssssssssssssssssssssss
by oldfartjojo January 21, 2004
21 160