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To end a sentence and validate your point.
Yo, that jam was hype, still!!
by Ice March 26, 2003
make peace, partnership.

has to do with jesus breaking bread with his peoples.

show love
by ice August 26, 2003
A pre-slut because is missing the S in SLUT, which stands for sex.

A flirtatious girl who has not lost her virginity, but acts like a slut
Don't be fooled by that lut, that bitch is innocent.
by ice August 21, 2003
1) A spell casted in Diablo 2 which returns all the damage a creature inflicts to it.
2) A kickass metal band
1) Shit, this guy has iron maiden maxed out, if I hit him I'll die!
2) Iron Maiden ROCKS, dude.
by Ice January 05, 2004
Holy Shit! That Bike is Fucking Awesome Dude!

prolly the one thing closest to a jetfighter that we can legally own and drive on the road!
holy fucking shit, that bike is badass dude i fuckin love it
by Ice June 30, 2004
What you say when you see your TV floating at night.
"Hunny, is the TV moving?"
"Drop my TV, nigga!"
by Ice March 03, 2004
A teenager who, in an attempt to break societal norms and quotas, dresses, acts, and listens to the same "alternative" music as the majority of other disgruntled teenagers. Piercings, unnaturally colored hair, band t-shirts and a general air of angst and contempt are usually required.
I just saw a gaggle of alternateens at the mall fondling a cardboard cutout of Limp Bizkit.
by ice September 05, 2002

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