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johnathan torres
that johnathan torres is an old man
by sillygooseberry. June 20, 2009
12 45
n, 1) Father.
2) husband, boyfriend, or lover.
her old man dont like me very much, cuz I brought her home after midnight
by herbie August 25, 2004
360 119
your dad
by matt February 13, 2003
251 71
A person that tucks their undershirt into their underwear then tucks their dress shirt into their pants outside of their underwear.
That guys pants are pulled up to his nipples. Silly Old Man.
by T Macalicious April 25, 2011
55 29
A term of endearment used amongst the 412 General Creators, or others with an equal amount of respect.
Whats up oldman?
by 412 General January 29, 2009
7 8
A term used for the popular drug heroin.
Damm, how much for some Old Men?
by Shu November 14, 2003
25 26
A lover and friend that sticks around for many years while you date other men and he doesn't care, he just doesn't want know about it.
That's just my old man.
11 14
a man who is very old. they usually walk slow arch their back and moan. so

some slang people use it as your dad our a friend that is older than you
My teacher, Mr. Alden is an old man.
by UWSPPSK February 28, 2012
12 17