Trust every word I say of this- we are not all redneck hillbillies. I've lived in Oklahoma all my life, and not once have I seen anyone with a cowboy hat riding a horse or whatever other crap you think we do. Take a visit- it's a very nice state, actually, it's just underestimated because stereotypical shows or movies, like Disney Channel crap, act like everyone from Texas or Oklahoma goes to freaking rodeos and ride horses and wear cowboy hats.
Also, we have very nice lakes in Broken Bow, and the land is beautiful. Visit someday!
Bob: Oklahoma is underestimated.
Tom: But everyone there is a hillbilly!
Bob: Just look it up on urban dictionary!
Tom: Oh, now I see!
by dsjidhsihudifhduighudhfuishfui February 04, 2013
The Buckle of the Bible Belt in the United States of America
"In Oklahoma, we keep the pants on America!"
"I can't wait to get out of Oklahoma."
by GypsyCat July 24, 2008
Safe word for an erection.

Used in reference to the shape of the American state, Oklahoma, with its very long panhandle.
Excuse me, Mr. Schwartz, this math has got oklahoma written all over it...
by S.K.M.Jr. June 25, 2011
The best state in the whole United states, and it beats Texas by a lot, and it beats NY, California, and all the other hoity-toity little asshole states.we have THE best football teams ever. I'm sure you've herd of them (OSU, and OU, Cowboys and Sooners) so...yeah. This place is definitely not full of hicks. okay? So just stop with all the rumors that everyone here fucking rides a horse to school or whatever to work, or that we live in teepees, or whatever you douchbags that have never been to Oklahoma think. We have very good towns, great for raising kids,I should know, I am one myself, and I'm still doing fine, yes I like guns, yes I like firecrackers, and my grandfather owns some land, but guess what? I don't give a fuck if you think I'm a hillbilly. You can go fuck yourself. Anywayss, Oklahoma is a great state to live in, we have nice people (don't get me wrong, we have our share of douchebags, but please don't think we're ALL douches or hicks just because you meet a douche or a hick from OKlahoma), and we don't just have freaking fields and cows. we have concrete. and houses. and buses. and buildings. and businesses. we DON'T have dirt and grass only, we DON'T all own land and live in country houses with barns, and we DO NOT only have a bunch of guys in pickup trucks selling " Deep Fried Pa'taters" or " You can make luv ta my dawter fer fitty cints" ALRIGHT?
Billy Joe Bob- ayyye! My name is Billy Joe Bob and I live in Yonkers, New York, and I am a First-class douchebag.
Brandon Ray Boudreaux-Hello, my name is Brandon, and I live In Yukon, Oklahoma, and I own a business called ICM(International Crystal Manufacturing).
by THEbestgirlyou'llmeet November 19, 2011
Word used to demoralize and shun those who attempt jokes and no one laughs. Is made to be said out loud so everyone can laugh at that asshole who isn't funny.
salmon: im gunna drop you like 5th period spanish
mike: Oklahoma.

jj: anything said ever
everyone: oklahoma
by rizzaa April 29, 2007
The worst state in America. The weather is extremely hot in the summer, and bitterly cold in the winter. Storm season is hell with monster hail and record tornadoes. In all seriousness, the best comparison is a third world country in the middle east. Dry and barren, the infrastructure looks bombed out. Extremely religious. Oklahoma is a cultural wasteland. It's ironic that Oklahomans tout the Native American heritage when Oklahoma is where the natives were shunted to(Trail of Tears). So they didn't want to be there in the first place. Another thing about Oklahoma is that everything is dirty due to the red dirt that's on everything. The stores are dirty, the people are dirty, everything is just..dirty. Oklahomans will wax on and on about the bible and Jesus yet do everything opposite to it's teachings. The biggest lot of hypocrites you'll ever meet. The people are the other half of why Oklahoma is a garbage dump. Nowhere else will you meet such close minded, idiotic people. They have no concept of how the world works or are aware of anything outside of Oklahoma. Worse still, they take pride in these qualities. Beer is 3.2% alcohol so it's basically horse piss. Not even worth having a beer. Outdoors are a joke. If you are a single guy, best of luck to you. I personally wouldn't touch an Oklahoma broad. Most are single moms.
I'd love to live in Oklahoma, but I'm afraid I received a first world education and my interests in life extend beyond the Sooners and the bible.
by Okie trash August 03, 2011
Oklahoma is......OK. :) A state located in the southern plains of the U.S. Oklahoma City is the capital and largest city. Oklahoma is known for its open praries, ranches, cowboys, tornadoes, summer thunderstorms and big oil, and is a stronghold for evangelical Protestant Christianity. Oklahoma is a smaller version of Texas. Oklahoma has a lot of cowboys and ranchers who drive around in pickup trucks.
Oklahoma is.......OK, as its state motto suggests. Its not particularly exciting, but not dull either. The people are very hospitable and probably drive around in pickup trucks.
by krock1dk July 10, 2010
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