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A South African origionated phrase that has significant meaning in the demanding society we all live in. Okes meaning men,blokes,guys,dudes. One can say that it categorises the acceptance of male behaviour. The phrase ultimately means "so be it" or "ce la vie" however has developed into a phrase that can be used as "you should have known," "i told you so" or "thats what happens..." Its lax and carefree manner when directed at someone justifies why some things always, just happen.
Moses: " Ah, i just dumped by my girl 'cos she was giving me mixed messages"
Leonardo: "Okes are Okes"

"i dropped my phone in the toilet!"
answer: "Okes are Okes"

"those guys are crazy shitting on the roof"
answer: "Okes are Okes"

"i cant belive he just slapped my ass"
answer: "Okes are Okes"
by Fletcher14 July 24, 2011

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