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Oip! commonly used instead of 'shout' or 'go you' things, originatd in derbyshire
you should be shoutung abd oiping!
by ireallylikesheep December 27, 2004
a joyous feeling, excitement(not sexuall) something you shout when you are completely twatted of your face!
wow, i feel so oip!

god, i am so wasted! OIP! OIP!
by kittykatrocks! :) June 19, 2005
Originated in Derbyshire when once said by a fat whale of a woman, the term "Oip" has been used on many occasions, mainly naming a group of young creatures. One boy, three girls (who fancy the pants of the one boy) and a whole world ahead of them. A term to describe random excitment and shouting, or even to mask swearing words.
"You oiping gay!"

"You should be OIPING!"
(This is how it was originated)


"Shout OIP once a day, and you'll MMMkay!"

"Oo. I feel oip-ship."

by Kingofcatastrophies March 12, 2006
A funnel for the quick intake of a pitcher of fluid (usually alcoholic), consisting of a piece of PVC pipe attached to a fire hose nozzel, resulting in a rifled stream of liquid.
At Midnight on his birthday, the birthday boy will do an oip to celebrate.
by LbulletM September 23, 2009
Oip is a word used to describe a feeling of excitment or extreame joy. This word is often shouted.
'I'm feeling rather oip-ish'
by Luciiscool February 14, 2005
Acronym for Orgasm In Pants. Can be used when refering to climaxing in trousers, a strong turn on in day to day life, or when something extremely sexually exciting happens.
He's a cutie.... OIP

Dude we were grinding and I totally OIPed!!!!!!!
by jaggernaut112 October 08, 2010

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