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Oip! commonly used instead of 'shout' or 'go you' things, originatd in derbyshire
you should be shoutung abd oiping!
by ireallylikesheep December 27, 2004
Townies, sometimes known as chavs or trendys, are sadly all too common in and around the UK.
Townies will 'give evils' to anyone who satisfys one or more of these criterias
1)likes 'goff' music
2)wears one or more items of black
3)wears a long skirt - for a townie the definition of long is 30cms. past the knee is unknown to them
4)wears anything intresting or individual EG a hat that isn't burberry
5)uses full words on an instant messenger
6)has their own skin, instead of a bottle of foundation and a tube of concealer 5 shades too dark applied to their face with a trowel.
7)plays a musical instument that isn't 'decks'
9) has friends, as apposed to 'crew' or 'homies'
10) doesn't claim to have had sex with more people than they have met
11) wears their underwear as underwear, unlike them who wear it as outerwear
12)doesn't wear company logos across their chest or bum
13)is actually nice
if you do find a townie giving you evils, proceed to ask them what the guy who created burberry was called. they will immediatly blert out gucci.
if you are still unsure as to what a townie is, watch the quality programing of 'little britain' and pay special attention to vicky pollard
townie 1 - yeah, i got sum new bling innit?
townie 2 - yeah, if his tune's paht, it's gonna get rinsed
'goff' - WHAT?!?
by ireallylikesheep February 14, 2005

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