This is what the Bush Administration first called the war in Iraq... that is until they realized what it spelled.
MR. FLEISCHER: Good afternoon. Let me give you a report on the President's day. The President this morning has spoken with three foreign leaders. He began with Prime Minister Blair, where the two discussed the ongoing aspects of Operation Iraqi liberation.
by Wonkajava April 25, 2004
Operation Iraqi Leberation
We need O.I.L
by Kevin2Stupid May 09, 2003
A brown substance that is quickly being depleted.

It can be pronounced as "oy-ull" or "oll" depending on the region.
I just struck oil!
by Sir Demonosapien June 03, 2009
The real reason for Operation Iraqi Freedom.
Why are we in Iraq so long?
by army_azn January 30, 2005
Old Ill and Loaded

A young attractive woman will look for an Old ill and rich man to marry just before he dies in order to get her hands on the cash.
Shes looking for a man in OIL
by Rob Mayor January 07, 2007
A Naturally formed liquid due(and thanks) to the decay of deas plants and animals that have long since passed away. It has been rumored that there might be oil somewhere over in northern Russia, over by the Siberian Pensulia.
Female reporter: What about the oil?

Black Bush: Oil? Bitch, you cookin'?
by The BIZ March 20, 2005
Potable substance that turns a man oily
3 wins on the trot, oil social tonight anyone?
by Oilsocial May 14, 2015
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