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1. vb - to glance or stare in a flirtatious way ; eye amorously

2. to look at someone as if ones eyes are about to pop out of ones head.
1. "Did you see the way he ogled at the teacher? He's such an idiot!" Sally said.

2. "Stop ogling at the teacher! Blink, boy!"
by crys_tal July 05, 2005
(noun) One of the best songs by a recorded definition rock band known as "Rise Against." This band has written several well-known and loved songs. This particular item is fabulous, and should be blasted on your stereo as you drive through town or whereever you drive.
"DUDE! Put back in Rise Against, flip it to Swing Life Away!"
by crys_tal July 03, 2005
1. a mythical being of folklore and romance usually having a smaller version of the human body with small wings protruding from its back and possessing magical powers of somekind and frequently cause problems for their prey.

2. the object of many of Amy Browns paintings.

3. beautiful little creatures found fantasy novels and stories that often lull children to sleep.
1. "I swear it was that fairy! The gold came from the fairy!"

2. "Have you seen Amy Brown's latest? It's of a night flyer fairy...."

3. "And the little fairy said, 'Go to sleep and dream of peaceful things,' And the child went to sleep..."
by crys_tal July 05, 2005

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