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odr is a way of abreveating the words 'out door rink'. it sounds good and is alottt easier then saying 'out door rink'
yo lets hit up the odr and play some shinny!!
by Westley Nixon January 21, 2008
o'dr (OH-DEER) is what you say when something is amiss and may lead to pranks.
o'dr somebody left this toilet on the side of the road. let's put it on top of the school.
by quincy forkfighter March 16, 2008
A bad skater or hockey player, someone who comes to outdoor rink with friends but does not have much hockey skill themselves, gets dangled and doesn't make plays, makes everyone look good
That kid Nathan is such an ODR pylon, he just lets other people dangle around him, he makes everyone look good.
by DUNCAM January 27, 2011