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odea highschool!! (an all boy school-yea baby!)
odea guys r sooo freakin hot.. i wanna marry one!
by Anonymous April 14, 2003
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O'Dea is an Irish surname or family name.

It is pronounced "oh-dee" (IPA: /oːˈdiː/) and is an anglicisation of the original Irish language name, Ó Deághaidh, meaning "descended from Deághaidh", the name of a tenth century clan chieftain.

The traditional Ó Deághaidh clan were based in the townland of Dysert O'Dea in County Clare in Ireland, near the modern town of Corofin. The important Battle of Dysert O'Dea took place there in 1318 when local clans of the Kingdom of Thomond, including the O'Deas, fought the Anglo-Normans.

The Irish alliance routed the Normans and, during the combat, local chieftain Conor Ó Deághaidh killed the Norman leader Richard de Clare with an axe. Thomond remained free of foreign rule for 250 years after this decisive battle until re-conquered by the English in 1570.

Diarmaid Ó Deághaidh built a castle at Dysert in 1470 and it is a museum today along with an an important Celtic high cross and an adjacent ruined monastery which was founded in the eighth century.
Jimmy O'Dea (1899–1965) was a popular stage, television, and film actor and comedian from Dublin.
by odea March 15, 2012
A Catholic all boys High School in Seattle, Washington, known for it's high academic and athletic standards. O'Dea is committed to the education of young men: academically, spiritually, socially and physically.
What do O'Dea's football team and a tidal wave have in common? They both cause mass destruction to anyone in their way
by BigRed2010 January 20, 2009
Term for a small mammal also know as a Tit Mouse.

Maybe slang term for female breast
"Excuse me...........but did you happen to see an Odea run over this way?"
by Hartman July 07, 2004
An all guy Highschool, commonly referred to as O'gay for that reason. Has the worst teachers and a bunch of gomer piles that go there.
"Person1: Hey dude, so are you going to O'dea for highschool?

Person2: You mean O'gay, fuck that gay shit!
by Cloverland November 27, 2004

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