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Absurd. Something that is extremely odd. Can refer to something good or bad depend on the context.
Not a word in the 'main-stream' vocabular. More likely to be found in the 'geek' vocabulary.
i am oddity.
by a nobdy September 12, 2003
7 9
to define a thing or person as something more deranged or twisted than the normal term.
You are bizzare, and strange. You are an oddity.
by Season July 28, 2005
19 3
The thing married to my aunty
Where's The Oddity? He's at the bank withdrawing every cent he can get from his wife's account
by Laura Norder January 26, 2008
9 2
Something that you will never encounter in 1000 years.
Damn that japanese woman has bigger tits than any japanese woman I've ever seen! That is a definate oddity.
by Jimmy Cruton May 07, 2007
5 1